Anne Chaloux’s involvement with Divine Mercy Care came a few years ago within minutes of her first appointment with Dr. Bruchalski. In their wide-ranging conversation she mentioned that she had worked on the National Cathedral’s Gala. He boldly asked whether she would help with the Divine Mercy Care Gala. Inspired by her favorite scripture Matthew 7:7 “Ask and you shall receive,” Anne agreed. She soon got to know the DMC staff and found them incredibly joyful and inspiring people among whom she could feel the presence of God. She was astounded by their ecumenical spirit and the range of their activities not only to raise funds for Tepeyac but also to help accomplish the mission to inspire and unify. She was also in awe of Dr. Bruchalski’s conversion story.

The career nurse, who had been on three ecumenical overseas missions, soon found herself easily drawn into the DMC orbit. She became an informal fundraiser, contacting some friends whom she thought would share the Tepeyac vision, and successfully urging them to become contributors.

Ironically, just as Anne began considering working out an estate plan, Will Waldron, DMC’s Executive Director, asked her to consider including DMC. She was already scheduled to meet with a planned giving expert the next day. This expert, now one of her best friends, recommended that she “just do it”. Because of Will’s courage to ask and because she was looking for a worthy recipient of an inheritance, she made DMC and Tepeyac her legacy. Anne has arranged that when God calls her home Divine Mercy Care will receive her house and other belongings.

Anne’s life has been built around the principle of “ask and you shall receive.” She encourages us all not to be afraid to ask for what is needed and to be willing to say yes when asked. She is very optimistic about the future of pro-life medicine and the pro-life movement in general. She says that pro-life work is actually all about choice in the sense that we give women the opportunity, ability, information, and resources to be able to choose what is true, good, and beautiful.

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