Larry and Jennifer Watson have an extraordinary story built around succeeding miracles – and this is after only six years of marriage.  Less than a year after their marriage, Jennifer, a Tepeyac patient since 2005, was diagnosed with stage 4b Hodgkins Lymphoma. The tumors were everywhere in her body. Death was close by as she began chemotherapy. The disease, up until diagnosis, gave her unbearable pain, which was barely relieved later by the most powerful opioids. They began praying to Padre Pio, not for a cure but just to get through the smaller hurdles of treatment. Larry would often spend most of the night on his knees massaging her to relieve her pains as he prayed.

Miracle #1:  after three months of treatment, a PET scan showed that the cancer was gone! As a precaution, another six months of chemo was prescribed; a four-part regimen that damaged her lungs and brought on early menopause. Upon completion of treatment, the Watsons consulted Dr. Bruchalski about hormone therapy to restore her fertility. He was not optimistic: Jennifer was about 40; she had undergone intensive chemo and, though her cycle eventually returned, she had begun the equivalent of a continuous menstrual period that lasted several months, until Dr. Bruchalski stated the need to schedule a hysterectomy. The Watsons prayed and pleaded he run her lab work one more time, and presented their plea to Padre Pio. The very next day Dr. Bruchalski called with the news, “You are as fertile as a 27-year-old!” noting, “I have only seen something like this once in all my practice”.

That day the bleeding stopped Miracle #2 occurred: Jennifer’s fertility returned, with cycles completely regular. The Watsons again consulted Dr. Bruchalski. Given all Jennifer had endured with the cancer, he began cautioning that a pregnancy would be risky. They decided to place the decision in God’s hands.

Six months later, Miracle #3: Jennifer conceived  and they were again in Dr. Bruchalski’s care. As he was cautioning that “miscarriages do happen” when he suddenly stopped and said “your guardian angel is shouting at me.” It seemed to them that Dr. B felt, in this case, it was best to be optimistic and discuss what to expect in pregnancy! After an easy, normal pregnancy, Pia Watson, named after Padre Pio, was delivered by Dr. Fisk. Pia is now 19 months old.

Miracle #4 occurred early this past fall.  Jennifer, then 44, had conceived again but miscarried after Thanksgiving. Despite the incredible sadness of losing a child, Dr. Bruchalski made it beautiful with his attention, concern, and prayers with them as they commended the child to God.  The Watsons are enthusiastic supporters of Tepeyac. They wanted to name an exam room for the Campaign for Mercy Naming Opportunities, but when they called the office they were told the exam rooms were all taken – would they be willing to sponsor the lab?  They realized how fitting that was, since running Jennifer’s labs one more time led to their miracle Pia.