My name is Lydia K., and I would like to share how I came into contact with Tepeyac.

Some years ago we moved to Virginia. I was pregnant with our third child. Through Catholic friends we had just met, we learned about a great pro-life OB/GYN practice which would not push birth control on us. I could not believe there was such a place. The Tepeyac office happened to be very near our home!  A wonderful “coincidence.”

On my first visit to Tepeyac, a Nurse Practitioner whose name escapes me now had been recommended to me by someone in another state. Another “coincidence”…she was the first medical practitioner in Tepeyac I met. At the end of the visit she asked me if she could lay hands on me and pray for my baby. I had never had anyone in a doctor’s office ask me that. I still get teary-eyed thinking about that moment. It might not seem like a big deal, but I had not had great experiences with OB doctors in my first two pregnancies, and that prayer was such a blessed and intimate moment!

I slowly got to meet all the other doctors, and started reading about the mission of this organization. As a pregnant mom who was open to life, but certainly not without fears and doubts, this made all the difference in my outlook. Pregnancy is such a vulnerable time in a woman’s life, and after my third child it was even more so for me. I started getting asked by many people what I would do to “be done”. Doctors and nurses can put a lot of pressure on a woman in that situation, and their input can be life changing–for better or for worse.  I knew this from past experience.

I had worked as a foreign language interpreter in a hospital in another state. Many times I interpreted for women in labor or during their OB/GYN appointments. Not once were they told about natural family planning, and many times they faced adverse consequences because of the birth control methods they had used. I was pregnant with my second child at the time. That experience was eye-opening.  Once I was in Virginia, I appreciated being cared for by Tepeyac all the more because of it.

I went on to have Tepeyac as the only place I would go for my OB/GYN care. We had three more pregnancies after the one I mentioned, so they have delivered four of our children.

As I write this, I am currently expecting another child—a later in life surprise. Again, in such a scary and uncertain time, I would not think twice about going to Tepeyac. I have received excellent care, and I feel supported and reassured that God has a plan. I feel edified when I see the little prayer room; how there was Mass held during Holy Week which we were invited to stay for after one of my appointments; how my children are welcome to come if need be; and by knowing that the staff prays together every morning.

Whenever I can I recommend the practice to people. Last year a friend of mine went after her miscarriage, and it was an answer to prayer. The Holy Spirit is at work in this practice, and I can fill pages talking about it.

Thanks to all the staff for their kindness, and to Divine Mercy Care and the Support a Mom donors of St. Timothy’s Church for their assistance in our time of need.  I will continue to pray for their mission and that they will continue to see God in every person they encounter.