They were present in her from the first, and in abundance – the devotion, trust, and moral courage that characterize a woman of the Lord who wanted every part of her life full of the faith, including her place of medical care.  While working at Fair Oaks Hospital, Judy Bastawrous had chosen.  Dr. Daniel Fisk as her OB/GYN.  When he moved to Tepeyac in 1993, she followed him, determined to retain the care of a doctor in whom she had such great confidence.

Judy and her husband, Shafik, had never envisioned a life together that didn’t include children.  Four years into their marriage, however, Judy still hadn’t become pregnant. The Bastawrous’ had made no special effort to begin fertility treatment.  Just when they had begun considering adoption, Judy’s sister-in-law called from a retreat at a monastery in Egypt.  A holy monk there had told her that Judy was not only pregnant, but pregnant with a son who was to be named Michael.  Marveling, Judy reported to Dr. Fisk. Pregnancy testing revealed that the monk had spoken truly.

Four months into the pregnancy, Judy found herself plagued by severe joint pain and other “weird” symptoms.  A rheumatologist to whom she was referred diagnosed lupus.  Vehemently, the doctor warned against attempting to carry her pregnancy to term, citing grave personal risk and recommending abortion.  Shafik’s reaction to this news was to hold his wife’s hands and pray with her.  Dr. Fisk’s was to counsel  “Leave it to Him” and arrange a schedule of closely monitored prenatal appointments for Judy.

Under Tepeyac’s painstaking care, Judy’s pregnancy continued despite diagnoses of diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.  She worked at Fair Oaks Hospital until her water broke.  Dr. Anderson delivered a very purple but healthy Michael, umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, by c-section – and was delighted to see the young man warmly welcomed into the Bastawrous household.

Fast forward two years.  Another call from Judy’s sister-in-law’s retreat venue relayed that the holy monk had uttered a second prediction.  Judy was pregnant again, he asserted, with a son who was to be named Paul – the monk’s own name.  As if one miracle baby weren’t enough, young Paul was born (again with Dr. Anderson as delivering physician) strong and healthy after a full-term pregnancy very similar to Judy’s first.

Today, Michael and Paul Bastawrous are fourteen and twelve years old.  When they were eight and six, they were taken to meet the holy monk, who told Judy and Shafik that they would have no more children.  Two miracles were more than enough for the Bastawrous’.  The satisfaction they have derived from rearing their two fine sons is nothing short of immense.

“I’ve so loved having Tepeyac in my life to pray for me, to encourage me, and to give me the best of care,” says Judy.  Although it was Dr. Fisk whom she followed initially into the practice, her pregnancies have made her familiar with all of the Tepeyac doctors.  Her voiced appreciation for each Tepeyac physician gives ample evidence that this recipient of miracles lives a life of perpetual thanksgiving for all that she has received.