It was an exciting and challenging time for the attractive young couple we’ll call “C.” and “P.” Accompanied by their firstborn child, they were enjoying an assignment to the U.S. for a couple of years. Besides being a chance to travel and learn, this stay was also their near-perfect opportunity to conceive and bear a second child, unhampered by the extreme pressures that worked against such a scenario within their home country.

Faced here with issues of acclimating, raising their child, managing day-to-day living despite language barriers, and otherwise navigating life and work in a foreign land, they nevertheless decided to do the courageous, loving, and generous thing. They decided to try for that longed-for second child. C. first came to Tepeyac early in her pregnancy. Patient Advocate, Danyeil, spoke with the couple about the possibility of their needing financial aid, but ultimately was able to help them identify and obtain an effective insurance option that would see C. through her pregnancy and subsequent care.

Since C. wasn’t fluent in spoken English, Tepeyac provided an interpreter for her every prenatal appointment. Doctors and staff members loved seeing how readily C. and P. placed their trust in them, how compliant they were with the medical advice given to them, and how thankful they seemed to be for the care received.

Not long after the birth of their beautiful daughter, C.’s family returned home on schedule at the close of their assignment—but not before arranging to keep in touch with Tepeyac. A recent email from the family provided photos Tepeyac had been eager to see, grateful words about Tepeyac’s role in growing their little tribe, and fond remembrances of their time in America.

For their own safety’s sake, the couple has asked for anonymity in sharing this story, so we’re unable to show you those wonderful identifying photos. If we could show them, you might react by saying, as Dr. Bruchalski did, “Seeing things like this makes it all worthwhile!”