She was jobless and her partner was without a secure job. That was the situation when Jocelyn found herself pregnant and reported to the Metro Women’s Center for help. The Center referred her to Tepeyac OB/GYN—where, to her intense surprise and tremendous gratification, she learned that she qualified for 100% financial aid. Throughout her visits, her gestational diabetes has been carefully monitored and kept in check. Jocelyn expressions of thankfulness for the medical excellence and for the financial aid work of Tepeyac and Divine Mercy Care (“Angels, you’re all just like angels”) are seemingly endless.

Soon Jocelyn will deliver her first child—a boy. We have her promise to provide pictures and to share ongoing postpartum information about the growth of her little family.

Samuel and Shirley

When Samuel and Shirley, newly arrived in America and without jobs that compensated them beyond subsistence level, found themselves expecting their first child, the county health service to which they applied for financial assistance sent them to Gabriel Project. They were able to obtain financial aid to cover the medical expenses from Gabriel Project then, but for their second pregnancy, a little more than a year later, their trusted contact at Gabriel Project told them that the organization was unable to help for a second time.

Gabriel Project referred them to Tepeyac OB/GYN.  The patient advocate, made a special appeal to Divine Mercy Care and, with the help of donors, we made sure that Shirley’s costs of care were covered. Their second child, a daughter, was born on 11 January.

Samuel particularly wants all of us at Tepeyac and DMC to know how very thankful he and Shirley are for our help. To Lynda, to the doctors, to the donors, and to all the staff of both organizations, he has asked that his family’s heartfelt gratitude be expressed—and emphasized.


Nine years after the birth of their son, Jessie and her husband were expecting a baby brother or sister for him. Sadly, that pregnancy ended in miscarriage at the seventeen-week mark. Feeling dissatisfied with her doctor, Jessie was determined to find a different OB/GYN when she found herself pregnant yet again.

Her husband found Tepeyac OB/GYN—and Jessie found a new level of confidence in her caregivers. From the doctors, she received the unwelcome news that hers was a high risk pregnancy. She also received, in her every appointment, detailed explanations and a level of emphasis, checking, and remaining on top of her condition that she had never been offered by her previous providers.

Jessie has now achieved her seventeenth week of the current pregnancy, and is being seen once a week. She’s moving forward in her pregnancy with confidence that not only the financial assistance she needs, but also the dedicated care she had been seeking, are there for her at Tepeyac